Sunday, October 21, 2007

Why Dibang Quit NDTV ?

Poor TRP or Sex Masala

In a sudden development, Dibang, Managing Editor of NDTV's Hindi news channel NDTV India, has ‘stepped down’. In his place senior staffers Sanjay Ahirwal and Manish Kumar have been entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing the day-to-day news operations of the channel.

Dibang’s stepping down is being seen as a graceful exit in media circles.
The announcement was made on Friday by NDTV Chairman Dr Prannoy Roy at an editorial meeting. This followed a crisp mail sent by Dr Roy to the editorial staff of NDTV on Thursday informing that Dibang had decided to step down as Managing Editor of NDTV India. The mail further said that the decision about redefining Dibang's role and running day-to-day operations of the channel would be announced on Friday at the editorial meeting.

Rumour has it that the Roys aren't happy with the performance of Dibang, and as such, with the performance of NDTV India. [The Roys being unhappy is justified, as they have left no stones unturned in providing the best of resources for the channel. From paying fat salaries to making available everything a journo needs, they've done whatever they could. NDTV India, however, has lost the race to Zee News in TRP ratings. [NDTV India has an amazingly low TRP than Zee News!] ... What the Roys need is a lesson on 'how to increase TRP ratings by using minimal resources' from INDIA TV. The question that now arises is: Who'll head NDTV India? The post has been offered to Deepak Chaurasia, but there's no official confirmation for this as yet.Reporters at INDIA TV are sad. Boo hoo hoo!! The management have allegedly cancelled the only weekly off in the National Bureau (Does INDIA TV have a National Bureau?!) If this is the state of affairs in INDIA TV, only god can save the channel. How can the management expect reporters to break stories, when it has cancelled their only off, and that too, without giving them any reason. Recently, one Deepak Gidwani resigned from INDIA TV. The reason? He was asked to come to the office on a sanctioned holiday. ... Poor Mr. Gidwani! He should've realised that it is India TV he's working with and not NDTV.

Is there some Masala ( rather Sex Masala ) involved , well read following para as published in Dont Trust Indian Media

Over at Greater Kailash, it seems that the habit of dipping wicks has taken another victim. This time a rather high-profile one. After years when people never complained it seems that one person, goaded on by other influential people in the organisation went up to the bosses to complain. Sex it seems is becoming the last stop before people go down the road to perdition.Not that sex hasn't happened before or won't happen again. The stories we all know about several people are gory at times but other times just plain sad. Of course, if you ask around you'll now hear stories about how how the latest sexual predators in media organisations are not men, but the fairer sex.The stories, the stories...

with comments like

By the way, if you remember, almost 90 per cent of the anonymous comments on WFN used to about this gentleman's sexual proclivities. He must have stumbled big to have been asked to quit.

The way I heard it, he gave terrible appraisals to most of the crew there, excluding certain of them to whom he was close. As it happened, that was the last straw. The boss screws around with some of the women, fine. He gives them preferential treatment, fine. But appraisals! That went too far for those not giving favours and so out of favour. There was going to be an insurrection in the ranks before this guy got pink-slipped.

But again question remain the same Why Kareena Spend a Day with Saif at Manish Malhotra's Party , it become National News , Why dont poor Dibang get the desired publicity in this case ???